What is Atmonauti ?

Atmonauti is the revolutionary technique that allows human body to obtain LIFT , so a real human flight

Discover in 1998 by Marco Tiezzi. He presented and introduced in skydiving this new technique in 2000 in the World Competition and in the major world Skydiving events .


What does Atmonauti mean ?

It's a new and simply definition : Atmonauts (in english) means Atmosphere (atmo) Navigators (nauts) ... likewise Astronauts mean Space/Star Navigators .


So in synthesis in what consist the Atmonauti Technique ?

In using the body as a Wing appling the existing laws of Aerodhinamics 

Is difficult to learn Atmonauti ?

No! It's the more easy things to learn in skydiving ! Is possible to learn the technique immediatelly after the AFF (the more illuminated instructors teach this easier and revolutionaire technique even during the AFF instead of the traditional Tracking technique) with the Atmonauti instructors around the world, or even by theirself following the theory written since 2000 .


Can you learn or perfectionate the Atmonauti Technique in the wind tunnel ?

No! Atmonauti will remain the unique pure skydiving discipline body free, to be practiced and learned only in the sky !


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