Is the human flight technique, body free, consisting in use the body like a wing with a determinate relation between angle and trajectory speed on the body ; the aim is to obtain an air stream that permits LIFT and a precise control of flight . For this the concept of "navigation" and the application of existing laws of aerodynamics:
Atmonauti introduce a real revolution : HUMAN CAN FLY !!! THE HUMAN DREAM OF FLIGHT IS NOW REALITY 
The technique Atmonauti permits to synchronize with extreme precision , different speed and trajectory of two or more persons , with the aim of flying in formation at the same level and with the same angles , to be able to perform different aerial games , such as free style , tridimensional flight formation with or without grip , or acrobatic manoeuvre.
All this is not executed in the normal vertical trajectory of the gravity force, but the atmonauts creates his own diagonal trajectory and thanks to this technique, they regulates with extreme precision all the parameters, such as the angle (trim), speed, direction etc., becoming a real "flight pilot" of them own body.
The Atmonauti Technique,  invented by Marco Tiezzi in 1998 and present in 2000, revolutionize the concept of skydiving where all the different disciplines are performed in the vertical fall, in the trajectory of the gravity force ; in the Atmonauti fly, for the first time is effected a kind of "relative " work very complex during a real "flight" , with a considerable horizontal displacement and above all for a longer time. In fact the Atmonauti fly permits to remain in the air for a longer time of the 50% respect to the vertical free fall, confirming however a real "fly performance".
In continuous development and evolution, the Atmonauti fly marks another important step in 2001 discovering the possibility of flying in the angle trajectory with the feet first instead of head first, realizing something that was considered impossible since than ... another revolution that confirm and opens the potentiality of the Atmonauti fly !

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