Tandem Atmonauti

Is a novelty invented by Marco Tiezzi and is the bigger opportunity to try the "real sensation of flying" without being an expert.


Instead of falling vertically in the gravity force , in the tandem atmonauti we exit from the plane searching immediately a diagonal trajectory that permits to obtain LIFT and so a real flying peformance.... the sensation is to fly and not to fall.
With the Tandem Atmonauti the passenger isn't only carryed during the fall , but assume a fundamental role in trying to have a shape more aerodinamic that is possible to get the best flying performance.
And is even more easy than the normal tandem ! No particular requirements, no medical check is required, anyone can try the tandem atmonauti , only 5 minutes of preparation in the ground and let's go flying !
Is possible to have both video and photos of the performance in Atmonauti Tandem , taken from a professional videoman that follow us during the flight with a special helmet equiped with camera and photo machine.
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