Marco Tiezzi

Marco Tiezzi

Atmonauti Instructor # 01

FZ Fermo - Italy  +39 347 8752507

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22,500 jumps , more than for all the World titles in competitions, Marco is know for having made a sensational discovery: the body's ability to get "Lift" without the aid of accessories . Pioner of the real human fly , in '98 he discover and experience for the first time, this exceptional human capacities, introducing a revolutionary concept in skydiving, soon turns into a real discipline : Atmonauti

The Atmonauti technique is presented in 2000 to the world in competitions, in the main world boogies and in the major world magazines . Due to the great success, Atmonauti have gone so far to be included in 2003 in the FAI competitions and rules, as a new orientation. From the presentation forward, not only the technical Atmonauti is spreading everywhere and is practiced throughout the world, but it will be influence with increasing force, other genres and disciplines. In this regard it is interesting to watch the video and photo prior to 2000, comparing them with those of subsequent years, to see the influence of atmo in all genres and disciplines : the track jump , the wing suit , the base jump especially the proximity and the wind tunnel .

The main merit of Marco Tiezzi remain on the threshold of 2000: Flying is no longer just a dream man, but a possible reality with the technique Atmonauti ! Subsequent developments will lead to theorize and Marco soon realized, in 2001, the tandem Atmonauti in which the flight without drog, (which thanks to the lift, vertical speed equal to or less developed in the presence of drog) was first considered impractical. The introduction of this innovation allows for the first time, to experience the real flight, even those who do not have any kind of experience.

In 2004 performs unpublished trials of the technique Atmonauti in the wind tunnel. In 2005 he founded the ATP (Atmonauti Top Patrol) and in 2006 perform the first Airshow with smoke and received unanimous praise. Among them, compliments of the Commander of the PAN Paolo Tarantino (# 0 of the Italian Frecce Tricolore), which captures the similarities with the airplane air show, says a sentence become historic: "... I envy you because you Atmonauti what you do with the body we do with the aircraft "will also define the atmonauts " ... real pilots without planes ". In 2008 at Aquino (IT) in the context of the most beautiful Italian championship in recent years, Marco driving ATP produces the current World Record Atmonauti with 13 elements in grip with the filming of the RAI and the comment from the professor Dal Monte explains human flight Atmonauti on live TV. As late as 2008 he worked with the Federation of South Africa, the first nation in the world to enter Atmonauti in teaching and in nationals competitions .

In 2010 creates the WAL Atmonauti World League, a competition of relative work in atmonaut flight, with teams from different countries (currently in experimental stage but with the top teams already running at around 30 points). Since 1998, load organizer Atmonauti and Freefly in the most important world boogie ,  and since 2006 he founded the home base Atmonauti at FZ Fermo it right there every day to make it available to all his great experience in order to make it increasingly easy and accessible to all , the human flight.

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